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Side Effects of Re-election: Job Loss

It’s been three days since the decision of an election that I, like many others, believe will change the course of our country. In those three days, most of us have been back to work, maybe faced some shame from liberal coworkers, and probably fell back into our usual routines. But in those three days, all over the country, the beginning of the side effects of a continued Obama administration began to be felt. One of the biggest effects, which we knew was just on the horizon, was loss of jobs. After all, with the untended fiscal cliff and Obamacare looming, where is the motivation or reassurance to keep or create more jobs? Over the next few weeks, I plan on laying out some of the chief, perhaps unintended side effects of re-electing Barack Obama. Today, the focus is on jobs.

Some of the biggest news this morning was the overwhelming number of companies that have decided to either lay off workers or close up entire branches of their organizations. But again, we knew it was coming. For months, companies and employers nationwide warned us of how Obama’s job killing policies would force them to necessarily make cuts. Now, thanks to an uneducated and ill-informed liberal voting bloc, these warnings have been realized and employers have begun to take action. To make this easier to digest, I’ll mention just a few of the companies that many of us are familiar with:

Energizer Batteries is anticipating to shed 1,500 jobs, which could save the company up to $200 million. Most of the restructuring should be completed by 2014.

Research in Motion, the company who makes Blackberry’s, laid off 200 workers at its U.S. headquarters; an office that employs just 700.

Hawker Beechcraft, an aircraft manufacturer, announced they would be laying off 240 employees at their plants in Little Rock, San Antonio, and Mesa. An additional 170 are getting the boot from their Wichita headquarters.

Boeing made plans on Wednesday to employ 30% fewer executives in their Defense, Space, and Security division, compared to 2010 levels.

Groupon, the online deal giant, announced 80 people were fired yesterday.

The construction implement maker, Caterpillar, has announced they will shut the doors on their Owatonna, Minnesota plant tossing some 100 people into the unemployment line.

The liberal-leaning company, Target, will be closing stores in Manassas, Virginia, Kissimmee, Florida, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. Each store employs about 80 people.

While this first round of cuts may seem minuscule  considering most of us won’t be directly affected by them, we must still remember that these are people’s jobs, their livelihoods. And I can assure you, these won’t be the last jobs lost. As more and more of Obama’s policies are implemented, including the requirements and taxes of Obamacare, companies will either cut back or face shutting down for good.

But what is quite possibly the most shocking thing about this news is that the exact opposite should have been happening right about now. Unemployment was supposed to be below five percent and the deficit should have been cut in half. In fact, Obama assured a “one term proposition” if he didn’t see these goals through. Of course if we were in good economic standing jobs wouldn’t be declining. That’s elementary. But the promise of prosperity was made upon the false tenets of socialism: that government can create jobs. In reality, though, which is not where liberals live, there is nothing government can do to create jobs or lower unemployment. It is a cold hard fact of the free market system. But time and time again, most recently this past Tuesday, people fall for the false hope. They accelerate wildly ‘forward’ with delusional optimism without seeing where their road may lead… which will soon be over the fiscal cliff.


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One thought on “Side Effects of Re-election: Job Loss

  1. Those who voted for Obama are living in an illusion of real life. Jobs are a realistic, practical correction of that illusion. The best cure for socialism is reality, which will soon interject itself. You have picked a good place to start.

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